First things first: Our money back guarantee

If you or your bridal couple should not be happy about 52memories – no matter when or why! –, we will refund you the entire purchase price. That’s what we call #loveguarantee

What if the bridal couples moves within 52 weeks after the wedding, i.e., the address changes?

We will find it! You can change the address of the bridal couple in your login area anytime and the shipment of the postcards will continue to run smoothly – irrespective of when the bridal couple moves.

Are the cards shipped worldwide?

That´s right! We ensure that the cards will be sent anywhere in the world, no matter where the bridal couple lives – provided that the local mail system functions properly. And the best part: International shipment is without extra cost for you.

Do the prices of 52memories really include all costs?

Of course! From printing the postcards in due time to shipping them on time every week – everything is included within the next 52 weeks. You don’t have to worry about anything.

What will the postcards for the bridal couple look like?

Stunning! We print the cards to special postcard paper (300g/m²) with a size of 148x105mm and add a glossy protective layer on the side with the photo in order to protect it against damage during shipment. This revokes the feeling of the wedding already when the bridal couple opens the letter box. For a free printed sample, please send an email with our postal address to info@52memories.com

How do I inform the wedding guests about 52memories to ensure that they contribute to this surprise?

Well, as often in life, preparation is key – and we’ll make it as easy as possible for you: As soon as you have placed your order, you will receive an email. This includes a brief instruction for 52memories, including your individual wedding code. You may forward this email or use the integrated WhatsApp share a few days before the wedding to invite the other guests to 52memories. You will also get a link to print a flyer that you can distribute among the guests at the wedding (including a QR code!). Take a look at a flyer sample here.
BTW: To prevent guests from “using up” cards before the wedding, the code will only be activated one day before.

When do the cards have to be designed?

There is only one simple rule: at the very latest, the card must be designed and saved no later than 6 days before the date of dispatch. For example, if the wedding took place on a Saturday, Sunday is your due date for the next card.

How do I know how many cards the guests have already designed? What happens if there are still cards blank?

You can view this information in your login area (your dashboard), where all information is summarized – including who wrote cards already. If there are still cards blank after the wedding, we will send you an email reminder.

How do the newlyweds know who gave them 52memories?

By the only sensible way: as a postcard. At the same time as the second postcard, 52memories automatically sends an additional card to the bridal couple. With a short, charming reference to you – Of course, the additional card is free of charge for you. Have a look:

What technology is required for the guests to be able to use 52memories at the wedding day?

What they basically need is a smartphone and a stable internet connection – and the wedding code to log in at www.52m.app to create the postcard. By the way, 52memories also works on tablet computers, in case you want show it round to the wedding guests – just like a guestbook. And it even works on desktop PCs.

What if 52memories does not work for any reason at the wedding? (for example, due to a missing data connection)

Don’t worry, the cards can be designed any time even after the major event; however – only the first card should be designed the day after the wedding at the very latest.

What if one of the cards is not delivered to the bridal couple?

This is rather unlikely but, unfortunately, cannot be excluded because a lot of things may happen on the way to the bridal couple. If the bridal couple is waiting in vain for a card, simply write a brief email to help@52memories.com

How long does it take until the bridal couple receives the cards?

If the ceremony is at the weekend, we´ll print and ship you card by the end of the following week, which means that the bridal couple will usually receive the first card 10 days after their wedding – and then week by week on time. Unfortunately, we cannot influence the speed of the postal services, the cards might be delivered a little bit earlier or later in some cases.
By the way: If you order 26 postcards (one card every fortnight), we will ship the first card in the second (!) week after the wedding,  if it’s 13 cards in total, we ship it in week number four. Why? This way we ensure that the bridal couple will receive the last of the 26 cards on their first wedding anniversary. It’s as simple as that.

How can I track where my postcards are right now?

As soon as your wedding greetings are shipped, we can no longer track where they are. If the bridal couple does not receive one of the cards, simply write a brief email to help@52memories.com

What is the required resolution for the photos to make the cards unforgettable?

The minimum size is 432×306 pixels. For a perfect result of the memories of the perfect day, the resolution should be higher – which is already standard for most of the smartphones and tablets today.

Can I test 52memories for free in advance?

Of course! Just go to www.52m.app and use our free trial version to create your cards. We can send you a real postcard on demand at info@52memories.com – Please include your postal address.

What 52memories package sizes are available?

Always the ideal size. Whether it is a large wedding with many guests or a rather intimate wedding ceremony – 52memories provides the perfect package for every wedding:

* 13 cards – 1 card every 4 weeks (starting in week four after the wedding)
* 26 cards – 1 card every two weeks (starting in week two after the wedding)
* 52 cards – 1 card per week – our best seller with the best customer experience (starting in the week directly after the wedding)
* 104 cards – 2 cards per week (also starting in the week after the weeding)

Is 52memories also available in other languages?

Yes, si, oui, ja: 52memories is currently available in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

Is there anything else you want to tell us? Further questions?

If anything is bothering you, if you have questions or want to provide feedback we are happy to hear from you: Please write an email to info@52memories.com and will get back to you as soon as possible.